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The combination of DDI’s certified Security Analysts, patent-pending scanning technology and proprietary cloud-based vulnerability management system, Frontline Solutions Platform, (FSP) delivers the most powerful assessment results and remediation management solutions possible.

An intuitive online portal streamlines your vulnerability management so that you save time, money… and frustration.  DDI’s FSP online client portal allows you to pinpoint and remediate the vulnerabilities posing the highest risk for your organization. No more digging through reams of remediation reports, Frontline’s Active View™ feature gives you quick and accurate insights to help prioritize your vulnerability remediation efforts. This host-centric view combines your host importance ranking with the vulnerability risk rating to guide your resource allocation for remediation. Your highest risk devices can be readily identified, saving you time while increasing efficiency and ROI. In addition, FSP generates customized reporting of your assessment and remediation efforts while providing online remediation workflow capability.

Frontline Active View ™ Features


Identify which vulnerabilities have the greatest impact on your organization. You can:

  • Examine the categorization of vulnerabilities by risk rating (Critical, High, Medium, Low and Informational) and by Host Value (ranging from “not important” to “extreme importance”).
  • Drill down into the graph to prioritize the hosts and their vulnerabilities.



Evaluate your remediation efforts and:

  • Examine your average age of the critical and high-level vulnerabilities on your high priority hosts.
  • Compare how frequently new vulnerabilities occur and how often remediation is conducted.



Gain valuable information by examining your monthly Security GPA and:

  • View Security GPA trending over time.
  • Access high-level and detailed information through drill-down.
  • Determine your organization’s Security GPA posture against peer groups within the “DDI cloud.”



Develop insight at-a-glance into your most critical assets so that you can:

  • Quickly identify the hosts which pose the greatest risk for a security breach and determine the appropriate remediation actions.
  • Drill down into the graphs to concentrate on your highest priority hosts and obtain vulnerabilities by host.


In addition to giving you greater control over your risk and remediation efforts, Frontline’s cloud-based service delivery affords you access to DDI’s proprietary Decisive Security Intelligence that provides you with a holistic view of aggregate DDI client data including:

  • The most prevalent vulnerabilities in the “DDI cloud” for the past three months
  • How your average remediation speed compares to the “DDI cloud”
  • How your Security GPA® compares to the “DDI cloud”

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05/28/2015 » CVE-2015-4135
Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in goto.php in phpwind 8.7 allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the url parameter. [READ ME]

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